Akwaaba (meaning ‘Welcome!’ in my native language, Twi!’),

I have been cooking professionally since the age of 15 in Ghana, West-Africa.  Cooking delicious meals happens to be my gift.  I loved cooking so much that I opened and managed an African-Caribbean Restaurant called “Zubee’s International”, in Staten Island, New York.

6 years ago, I moved to North Carolina and brought my mum from Ghana to stay with me and my two children.  When my mum arrived in America, she was hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, and dementia.

Being a health-conscious person, I knew the root cause of my mum’s diseases were food and lifestyle-related. I made a decision to attend the Institute of Integrated Nutrition (IIN) to acquire more knowledge and skills needed to take care of her.  I focused on making sure that my mum eats natural, wholesome foods while ensuring that she gets daily exercise and made other lifestyle changes. I gradually nursed my mum back to good health, even her dementia got better. My mum decided to go back to Ghana after she got well. 

Enthused with the success I had with my mother and with my own health challenges, I made a declaration to myself to use my cooking and wellness knowledge to help others reclaim their health as well.  Diseases run rampant in modern society, and poor-quality food is a major contributor. Our food supply – both plant and animal – is drenched in dangerous chemicals, not to mention the excess of fast, disease-causing foods in our communities.

Let me show you how to use food as medicine to take back control of your health, body, and mind. You can get started by reading my blogs

Wishing You Vital Health & Abundance.

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