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Our main goal is to teach kids basic kitchen skills, improve self confidence, develop knowledge of nutrition, and increased independence in the kitchen.

Our Cooking Class Packages


The Children will prepare chosen menu item (Entire group will make same dish)

The class will be approximately 11/2 hours long including the price -Food, Cooking utensils and 1 instructor $50.00 per child (minimum 10 children per class per $500)


The Children will prepare one menu choice and a craft item

The class will be approximately 21/2 hours long include the price -Food, Cooking utensils, crat supplies and 1 instructor $60.00 per child (minimum 9 children per class per $540)


Children will learn how to set a full table setting How to sit, napkin on lap, How to handle silverware, Where to place silverware and glass while eating,

Why and How to chew food thoroughly (good info for grown ups too!)
How to be excused from table

Healthy lunch and beverage is served Class is 2 hours long at $70 per child (minimum 8 children per class per $560)

For larger classes, if you would like to request a second Party Chef to assist at the class,
the cost will be $85.00

Travel fees apply to location further than10 miles from Rocky Mount,NC

About Zubees Organic Kitchen

I am Zubeeda Muhammad, owner and founder of Zubee’s Organic Kitchen. I am a health coach, teacher, and a chef. I have been cooking professionally since the age of 15 in Ghana, West-Africa. Cooking delicious meals happens to be my gift. I loved cooking so much that I opened and managed an African-Caribbean Restaurant called “Zubee’s International”, in Staten Island, New York

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