1. Helps you to lose weight – Leafy greens are full of fiber which helps to fill you up.  They are also extremely low in calories, so you can add as many as you want to your diet – and feel full without the calories.  


2. Gives you a massive energy boost – Most people notice an immediate and very noticeable energy boost when they start including more leafy greens in their diet.  That is because leafy greens contain magnesium and B Vitamins which most people are severely lacking in their diets. 


3. Prevents aging of the skin – Leafy greens are rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin K which prevents aging of the skin and helps it to look youthful and prevents sun damage.  One cup of leafy greens has at least your daily requirement of Vitamin K, and Kale provides a staggering six times your daily needs.


4. Keeps your bones strong – You need calcium to help keep bones strong.  There is some debate about where to get our calcium from, but nobody is denying that we definitely need it.  People often forget to supplement calcium but if you eat enough leafy greens you can definitely get enough of this mineral.


5. Helps prevent strokes – Manganese which you can get from leafy greens is good for preventing strokes.  It sounds like a good reason to eat leafy greens to me.


6. Helps prevent Heart Disease – Leafy greens contain a good amount of folate which helps to prevent heart disease.  


7. Helps to maintain liver health – Betaine helps to maintain liver health and is found in high numbers in spinach.


8. Helps to digest protein – For those who eat meat or other acid-forming foods, greens can help your body to digest the protein much better because greens are very alkaline, so they balance out acid-forming foods very nicely. 


9. They contain ridiculous amounts of micronutrients – The sheer number of vitamins and minerals contained in leafy greens can rarely be beaten with any other type of food.  The nutrients are natural, perfectly balanced and optimal for our bodies.  Yes – we are designed to eat leaves!


10. They are safe and natural – Leafy greens are one of the most perfect foods we can eat.  I cannot think of a more well-balanced type of food that can easily be added to so many different types of foods. 

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